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This site was last updated on the 26th February @ 23.25pm

  Dyfed Centre Social Media Policy - Important Please Read           

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There are members whose Dyfed Centre Membership ended on the 31st December 2017 and have not been renewed. If you have renewed and have not received a book, it is recommended that you check by telephone that your Centre registration has been received by the Caravan Club - 2018 Rally Handbooks will not be sent out if your Centre membership has not been confirmed by the Caravan Club
Please also note that it is particularly important to ensure that you have renewed your Centre registration before running or assisting on a rally, otherwise our insurance cover may be void
If you pay your annual subscription by Continuous Credit Card and the expiry date of your Club Membership has passed you will be unable to re-register to the Centre on the Caravan Club website
If you pay your annual subscription by Direct Debit you will be unable to re-register to the Centre once you are within 10 days of your Club Membership expiry date
To re-register to the Centre outside of the above dates, please call the Caravan Club Contact Centre on 01342 318813 Monday to Friday between 08:45 and 17:30
If you are registering to a Centre for the first time, this can be processed on the website in the normal way. Many thanks

Many thanks to everyone who's made contributions to this website - please continue doing so in 2018


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