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Gio Compario

I am honoured to once again to represent the Dyfed Centre as Chairman for the coming year and to present the rally programme for 2019.

We’ve tried to provide a varied collection of venues with something to suit all centre members. We are grateful for the support and commitment of the members who put themselves forward as rally officers and rally assistants and we extend a big thank you to them for their ongoing support. We would also like to thank the site owners who kindly allow us to rally on their land and the sponsors and advertisers who support us each year.

We had a number of weekends cancelled last year through lack of bookings, which was very disappointing considering our membership is as strong as ever. We need to be mindful that if we cancel venues, the landowners think twice about having us back the following year.

Last year, we were a little short of Committee, but we have now picked up three new Committee members, so a big thank you to them for making themselves available.  

It was very disappointing to see that there was no interest in reforming a Junior/Youth Committee. To all the Youth out there, let’s see if you can do something about forming a new Youth Committee during 2019. 

Finally Christine and I look forward to seeing you out on the rally field and we hope that you have an enjoyable and safe caravanning year.
















Thank you