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At the Welsh National Steering committee meeting on January 4th 2014 the issue of changing the rules in relation to the awarding of points at the Welsh National Caravan Rally was discussed.
It was agreed that each Welsh centre will put forward a notice of motion at their respective 2014 AGM’s in order to get the opinion of the members. The 3 options that will need to be considered and an agreement reached are:
1.   To remove all points from the competitions. This will also mean that there would be no inter centre cup.
2.   To make all competitions eligible for points.
3.   Continue with the existing arrangements.
The outcome of each AGM will be taken to the Welsh National Steering Committee in January 2015 where an agreement will be made as to how to proceed with the issue of points at the National Rally.
If you have an opinion in relation to this issue and wish to contribute to the discussion please attend the AGM at Saron Village Hall on the 4th October 2014.
Thank You